I am Saurabh Gopal and I help People in Online Business become Peak Performers while working in their 9-5 Corporate Jobs. 

I am from India and am on a Mission …………………… 


I am from the Corporate 9-5, have a great job, great pay check a good Boss. But I was unfulfilled. Life just moved on auto-pilot and I was not enjoying that robotic lifestyle. That’s why five years back I embarked on a journey into the Online Business World as I wanted more from my life. 

Life to me is more than living pay checks to pay checks and paying my bills. You never know when you might lose that pay check. There is always an uncertainty. So I wanted to create my own wealth so that I don’t have to worry about losing my pay check. I craved to spend time with my wife and kids. I was making good money but that cost me my family time and that made me very unhappy. 

There is something inside me that I wanted to share with the world and serve the people around me. My soul was restless and was seeking expression. I struggled a lot for five years. I made some money doing different things but couldn’t find something that would give me consistent income, give me fulfilment and help me grow. 

A turning point came into my life when I met my Mentor. Based on my results and performance, I was made a Mentor for the Program in one month. In a couple of months, I got into High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. Eventually I also got into Network Marketing for Residual Income and Forex for Passive Income. 

You need to have a Business Portfolio for different kinds income and regular cash flow. I challenged myself and worked very hard. 

My job requires me to work very hard and manage a huge team, I have to travel and commute four hours everyday to go to work. I get really exhausted when I return home and have only a couple of hours to work on my Business. Necessity is the Mother of Invention. I really relate to it now. Lol! My business was growing it started to get difficult for me to manage both my job and business. 

Time was scarce so I had to utilize my time optimally for business and I came up with strategies and a daily method of operations to get my work done with optimum results within a short period of time. 

That became my success factor in business. 


If you are struggling to build your business online while working on your corporate job and have not been getting results then I can definitely help you with my strategies and trainings that I have implemented over the past one year.

You can also book a Breakthrough Call with me to discuss your goals and how I can help you.